About us

Hello everyone my name is Chris and once again I have created another online games website. After the last few sites I created. I decided I needed something a bit bigger, frustrating and challenging. Something that had to be different from other related  sites.  I created www.FanGamesOnline.com  in December of 2016. A very hard task of merging fan created bootleg games and classic games playable online. I know that computers, flash and other mediums are becoming less popular. I am trying to create something large that can be remembered as an archive while also be enjoyed by players online. New player or older players that grew up with these games. The average gamer probably wont care for these games or think about them much at all. But for the player that's looking for games like this, I want them to be able to find and play on this website. So I will do whatever it takes to be recognized and make sure this site is up to the highest quality and provides an amazing index! Of games that can't be over looked! I will poor my soul into this project and it will become better and better. Keep ads as low as possible while keeping users as happy as possible. Hope you enjoy your stay here and tell your friends about this website!