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Why Are Games Not Loading For Me?

- Possible reasons are you are not using a PC, MAC, or Chromebook computer. Most Tablets and Phones will not work for our website.

- Make Sure you are using Chrome or Firefox Web browsers. Chrome works the best at the moment!

- You may need to download and install the latest version of Adobe Flash Web Player and make sure its enabled and working correctly.

- Other Reasons..... Your internet is not working right. Your Firewall or Ad Blocker might have disabled flash. Site might not be fuctioning right at the moment. Come Back later.


How Do I Report A Game Not Working Right or Has Glitches?

At The bottom of each game page you will see a tab that says "Report Broken". Fill in details there and send.


How Do I Save My Favorite Games To The Favorite Page?

You must sign up for free and register. Then you can click the heart icon above all games to save them to your "My Favorites Games" page. Everytime you log in you will see the games you saved on that page.